Customer service is highly regarded by our staff as the customers are the life force of our business.  We provide exceptional customer service to our clients and are readily available to suit our customer’s changing needs. Yes we do sell products, but we are proud to sell our unmatched service. We believe that the satisfaction of our clients with the products and services we provide to them is a shared success by both parties. If something doesn’t sit well then we want to make it right. I AM FARMS will begin to be working with a large number of the retail food companies in the state of Alabama in May 2017.

Even in a big and growing world we believe it’s important to maintain a personal touch, which is especially needed in food production. No grocery store is too big or too small for our company to supply. Tell us your needs and we will work to meet your demands.

What is unique about I AM FARMS company?

I AM FARMS is the one of the few commercial organic farms in the state of Alabama. At I AM FARMS  we produce foods that are chemical free to promote the health of our population. We decided to be organic food producing company because we strongly believe that organic, non-GMO food has more health benefit over conventional food. Consult us for supplier needs and you won’t be unsatisfied